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  • Sundar's Backstory

    Sundamar was born on Erastus 1st in the year 4558, before the settlement of Magnimar. Sundamar grew up in the Meiraini Forest and left home on his 100th birthday, which happens to fall on the summer solstice, to explore the world. After traveling along …

  • Rova 1 4707

    First day of fall. Having just recently arrived in [[Sandpoint |Sandpoint]], I wanted to take in some of the local flavor so I went to the Swallowtail Festival. At the new church dedication sheriff [[Hemlock |Hemlock]] and the mayor spoke. !>http:// …

  • Sundamar's Journal: day 2

    [[Amiko |Amiko]] handed us some notes in the morning from some of the local women thanking us for our bravery. We headed directly to [[Savah's Armory |Savah's Armory]] to sell some of the equipment we looted from the goblins so that we might have a few …

  • Sundamar's Journal 3

    When morning came I felt much better. Valeros and I decided to go speak with the mayor, Kendra. We asked around and found the town hall in the center of town. We went up to her office and waited for her. The mayor, the sheriff, and the priest all came out …

  • Sundamar's Journal 4

    In the morning I left for the general store. Valros went to pick up his Destana. I bought artisan tools to fix my bow. We met back at the tailors shop. I picked up my mended armor. Then we went to get our horses so we could ride out to find the goblins. …

  • Sundamar's Journal 5

    We woke in the later afternoon. I traded in my longbow for a shortbow. We then went to the Hagfish for a bite to eat. Valeros decided to drink the aquarium water. Valeros couldnt take it and threw back it up. We played some darts and I ended up losing …

  • Sundamar's Journal 6

    I am finding it hard to concentrate my mind enough to enter my resting trance. There are so many unexplained events hanging like threads from a cheap cloak. Every time I pull at one, another seems to slip lose and present itself. Ive been thinking …

  • Sundamar's Journal 6 Supplemental

    As Valeros and I left our room, I mat my old friend Fijit, a gnome druid I met a time back along my travels. I offered her the chance to go with us, as I knew she would be up for some adventure. She agreed, and we headed over to the mayors office. …

  • Sundamar's Journal 7

    We woke at midnight and began exploring again. We found an odd room with some floating objects, and when I entered I also began to float by the same magic that suspended the other objects. I was able to gather the objects and leave the strange room. I …

  • Fijit's Journal ~ Rova 5

    _darkened burrow, moss lined bed_ _mounded earth pillows my head_ _mother fox shares her den_ _soon I'll tread the road of Men_ Sandpoint lies in the distance, and again I feel my curiosity stirring. What draws me to this town of Man, …

  • Home Page

    h2=. +*Rise of the Runelords*+ h3. +*Burnt Offerings:*+ Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of [[Sandpoint |Sandpoint]] eagerly anticipate the [[Swallowtail Festival |Swallowtail Festival]] to commemorate the …

  • Main Page

    *- [[Armor |Armor]]*
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    *- [[Monsters |Monsters]]*
    *- "People":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/pathfinder-rotr/npc-tracker*
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  • Sandpoint

    Sandpoint has faced many hardships but also great prosperity in its 42-year history. A small town on the Varisian Bay, fishermen, farmers, and other simple folk make the community one of the rare truly peaceful havens in Varisia. Yet, while the townsfolk …

  • Magnamar

    Magnimar is a large city located on the southwestern coast of [[Varisia |Varisia]] where the Yondabakari River empties into the Varisian Gulf. The city is surrounded by the mostly inhospitable Mushfens. The city itself is defined by two colossal landmarks …

  • Riddleport

    !http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/7416/riddleportplayermapfn7.jpg! Riddleport is the third largest city in Varisia and is a haven for pirates and sea-faring brigands who find themselves far to the north of the Arch of Aroden. Teeming with criminals …

  • Goblin Warchanter

    p=. !http://www.coolminiornot.com/store/shopimages/products/normal/P-003.jpg!

  • Magnimar

    p=. !http://www.dragonfires.com/magnimar.JPG!

  • Places

    *- [[Magnimar |Magnimar]]*
    *- [[Riddleport |Riddleport]]*
    *- [[Sandpoint |Sandpoint]]*

  • Armor

    |=. *Medium Armor*|=. *Cost*|=. *Armor/Shield Bonus*|=. *Maximum Dex Bonus*|=. *Armor Check Penalty*|=. *Arcane Spell Failure Chance*|\2=. *Speed*|=. *Weight*| {background:#ddd}. |=. *[[Hide Shirt |Hide Shirt]]*|=. 90 gp|=. +4|=. +4|=. -3|=. 20%|=. 30 ft …

  • Hide Shirt

    Made from the hide, bones, and thick scales of the giant lizards, a suit of this light armor provides greater protection than its heft suggests. Many Shoanti warriors favor this armor, especially shirts made from rare black-scaled spirestalkers.

  • Klar

    Traditionally a Shoanti blade bound to the skull of a horned spirestalker (a breed of Storval Plateau giant gecko), in recent years the armorers of southern Varisia have started crafting these bladed shields from iron.

  • Equipment

    |=. *Item*|=. *Cost*| {background:#ddd}. |=. *[[Barbarian Chew |Barbarian Chew]]*|=. 15 gp| |=. *[[False Jewelry |False Jewelry]]*|=. 20+ gp| {background:#ddd}. |=. *[[Harpy Musk |Harpy Musk]]*|=. 2 gp| |=. *[[Pocketed Scarf |Scarf, Pocketed]]*|=. 8 …

  • Barbarian Chew

    The Shoanti make this bitter red chew by drying the leaves of the galtroot, a stunted bush found across the Cinderlands.

  • False Jewelry

    Favored by rogues in statuesque Magnimar, these adornments hide tiny secret compartments.

  • Harpy Musk

    The reek of this doubtful cure-all proves useful at scaring off Varisian goblins.

  • Scarf Pocketed

    An elaborate design disguises several small pockets on one side of the scarf.

  • Pocketed Scarf

    An elaborate design disguises several small pockets on one side of this scarf.

  • Reinforced Scarf

    One side of this 8-foot-long scarf is reinforced with chain links and metal plates.

  • Varisian Idol

    Scavenged from rare uneroded Varisian monuments, these depictions of forgotten spirits can be used to augment summoning magic.

  • Weapons

    *- [[Exotic Weapons |Exotic Weapons]]*
    *- [[Martial Weapons |Martial Weapons]]*

  • Exotic Weapons

    |=. *Two-Handed Melee Weapons*|=. *Cost*|=. *Dmg (S)*|=. *Dmg (M)*|=. *Critical*|=. *Range Increment*|=. *Weight*|=. *Type*| {background:#ddd}. |=. *[[Bladed Scarf |Scarf, Bladed]]*|=. 12 gp|=. 1d4|=. 1d6|=. 19-20/x2|=. --|=. 2 lb.|=. Slashing|

  • Bladed Scarf

    Knowing their unkind reputation and that their seductive performances can sometimes bring out the worst in spectators, some Varisians craft rows of razor-sharp blades into their scarves.

  • Martial Weapons

    |=. *Light Melee Weapons*|=. *Cost*|=. *Dmg (S)*|=. *Dmg (M)*|=. *Critical*|=. *Range Increment*|=. *Weight*|=. *Type*| {background:#ddd}. |=. *[[Dogslicer |Dogslicer]]*|=. 8 gp|=. 1d4|=. 1d6|=. 19-20/x2|=. --|=. 1 lb.|=. Slashing| |=. *[[Starknife | …

  • Dogslicer

    A savage weapon created from castoff bits of sharpened metal, goblins named the weapon after the act for which it's most commonly employed. Holes drilled in the weapon's blade make it easier to heft.

  • Starknife

    An ancient weapon widely used by Varisian wanderers, this weapon has long served the church of Desna as a holy weapon. From a central metal ring, four tapering metal blades extend like points on a compass rose.

  • War Razor

    In all appearances, a war razor is an oversized razor or flip knife.

  • Earth Breaker

    A massive hammer used by Varisia's Shoanti tribes, the crude metal of the weapon's head ends in multiple blunt spikes, which channel the momentum of a powerful swing.

  • Ogre Hook

    A huge crook of crude, sharpened metal, ogre hooks take their name from the savages who most typically employ them.

  • resources

    Here are some links to resources you might useful for playing in the "Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords" campaign. Gametable:
    Gametable is the virtual tabletop we will use for running encounters and rolling dice. "Gametable 2.0":http:// …

  • Junker's Edge

    The town's garbage is dumped over the cliff here, where it falls to the beach and ocean below.

  • The Hinterlands

    The farmlands and wilderness that immediately surrounds the town of Sandpoint.

  • Monsters

    *- [[Goblin |Goblin]]*
    *- [[Golbin Commando |Goblin Commando]]*
    *- [[Goblin Dog |Goblin Dog]]*
    *- [[Goblin Pyro |Goblin Pyro]]*
    *- [[Mutated Goblin |Mutated Goblin]]*
    *- [[Vargouille |Vargouille]]*
    *- [[Zombie |Zombie]]*

  • Creatures

    *- [[Boar |Boar]]*
    *- [[Swallowtail Butterfly |Swallowtail Butterfly]]*

  • Player Resources

    Here are some links to resources you might useful for playing in the "Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords" campaign. Players Handbook:
    Paizo offers its Rise of the Runelords Players Handbook as a free PDF download on their site. "Rise of the …

  • Valeros

    After his many travels and battles across the land he now finds himself headed towards Sandpoint. He has vanquished evil from cursed temples, has purged demons from the heart of man and woman alike, has single-handedly restored the notion of justice and …

  • Sundamar Nolbrae

    Sundamar was born in the year 4558 before the settlement of Magnimar. Sundamar grew up in the Meiraini Forest and left home on his 100th birthday to explore the world. After traveling along the coast of Varisia he eventually settled in the Human city of …

  • Fijit

    *Fijit* is a Gnome adventurer, Druid class, who travels in the company of Owl, her animal companion. She was born just south of _Falcon's Hollow_ in _Andoran_'s _Darkmoon Vale_, leaving her family just before her 35th year, taking to the road against …

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