Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Fijit's Journal ~ Rova 5
Oathday, Rova 5, 4707

darkened burrow, moss lined bed

mounded earth pillows my head

mother fox shares her den

soon I’ll tread the road of Men

Sandpoint lies in the distance, and again I feel my curiosity stirring. What draws me to this town of Man, perched on the edge of the sea? Owl circles overhead and lites on my shoulder, time and again, chittering wildly about clouds of yellow and black fluttering on the wind and making a fuss about friends met once and again. I can make no sense of her tumbling thoughts, but her excitement is evident ~ there is adventure ahead.

Sundamar's Journal 7
Starday, Rova 7, 4707

We woke at midnight and began exploring again. We found an odd room with some floating objects, and when I entered I also began to float by the same magic that suspended the other objects. I was able to gather the objects and leave the strange room. I took an old book, Valeros took a bottle of elven wine for one of his lady friends, and Fijit took a scroll and an iron wand.

We continued our search and found a beast which seemed a flying head with green glowing eyes. I surprised the thing with a well placed shot and dropped it. We searched around the ruins some more, and found only one last hall to explore. The passage lead to a black marble shrine devoted to some unknown god with a font carved in its surface, and beyond it stood a stone door. When we crept through the stone door we found ourselves in a large room with a raised platform at one end. In the center of the chamber were several spikes tipped with skulls rising from a stagnant pool. The raised section held another pool which bubbled and gave off steam as if boiling, and the water within glowed with an otherworldly red light.

From out of the shadows appeared an impish creature wearing a small crown and holding a wicked little dagger. She flew up to the pool holding the glowing water and cut her hand with the dagger. The three off us ran toward the platform, sensing the creatures ill will, and as we approached her, the blood from her wound dripped into the pool. Valeros engaged the tiny demon, but she seemed protected by some sort of magic field. The creature fly about the room casting spells and summoning up creatures from the abyss. Fijit tried to counter with spells of her own, summoning a wolf to fight alongside Valeros.

I took position near fijit and aimed my bow. Again, the bow failed me, and I was nearly struck in the face by the wild broken string. The craftsmen of this town should be shamed. I drew my dagger and ran to the platform. I threw the dagger with all the skill I could muster, but I found that it was deflected away by the same magic that had confounded Valeros. I called out “run” to my companions, and we did. The group of creatures chased us to the outer area of the temple, and then shouted warnings at us as we headed back to the surface.

We headed back to our rooms at the Rusty Dragon in defeat, without Amieko. Fijit tended to our wounds and we rested.

Sundamar's Journal 6 Supplemental
Fireday, Rova 6, 4707

As Valeros and I left our room, I mat my old friend Fijit, a gnome druid I met a time back along my travels. I offered her the chance to go with us, as I knew she would be up for some adventure. She agreed, and we headed over to the mayors office.

The Mayor gave us our writ, and a script to pick up some lockpicks at the local blacksmith. We went directly to the glassworks, but the lock proved to advanced for my skill, and we had to have Valeros break the door down. Inside we found a massacre. The workers had been dismembered on the factory floor. We found Lonjiku, the father, covered in molten glass. After we explored around a bit we found some stair heading into the basement.

The basement had a hidden passage that lead to some tunnels, and I was right. There was a smugglers tunnel just like I imagined. It lead to the beach. Another tunnel lead to some sort of underground structure that contained some strange ghoul like creatures. As we explored the dungeon we found a jail room, a torture chamber, and a room with a twisted deformed goblin creature. The creature nearly dispatched us, but our new companion proved to be handy in a fight and we were able to once again claim victory. We also found some weapons and such among the remains of our slain foes. Among them, a fine longsword that Valeros claimed for himself, and a silver dagger that Fijit kept.

After the battle we needed a rest. Fijit’s owl had been badly wounded and the rest off also needed some healing so we camped in one of the rooms.

Sundamar's Journal 6
Fireday, Rova 6, 4707

I am finding it hard to concentrate my mind enough to enter my resting trance. There are so many unexplained events hanging like threads from a cheap cloak. Every time I pull at one, another seems to slip lose and present itself.

Ive been thinking about the night of the goblin raid on Sandpoint, and the grave of the old priest. From what we were told the priest died in a fire, along with his daughter in a string of tragic events the locals refer to as the “late unpleasantness.” It has been surmised, by the authorities of this town, that goblins raided the grave, for what reasons no one seems to suspect, and made off with the body. As I have just come to know this town, I cant be certain if there ever really was a body in that smashed casket, but goblins do appear to have had a hand in it as we did find one of their crude “dog slicers” broken and discarded near the site. I have retraced the events of that night in my mind. The goblins seemed to have made themselves known as they entered the town, through what means we have yet to determine, and were routed rather quickly. No one seems to know by what route they used to enter the town, or what route they used to escape. Our patrol of the outskirts gave us little evidence as to weather or not the creatures simply walked into the town from the surrounding countryside. It seems reasonable to think they did as the town has very little in the way of defenses about its outskirts, but something is telling me they have at least one other way, or possibly many other ways to slip in and out of the town. Goblins are not known for their brains, but they are sneaky enough to find unseen paths. I consider the goblin in the human child’s bedroom as evidence to this. It has been surmised that goblin was simply a left over from the raid, hiding in that closet, waiting to strike, but I tend to believe the goblins have found another route into the village. My days in Riddleport have taught me about such alternate routes. Smugglers and pirates are famous for having secret tunnels in port cities, and I am sure Sandpoint is no exception.

The body of the priest, if there was one, was somehow taken from the city. Upon inspection of the graveyard, I found that it is surrounded by a good fence with a lock that the grounds keeper maintains. Although no fence could ever be enough to keep a tenacious goblin at bay for long, this fence would have proved difficult for even a band of goblins if they had human remains in tow. Somehow the goblins scaled the wall, dug up the body, exhumed the corpse, and hauled it out of the town with no one noticing. The raid would have made good cover for this, but the little devils would have had to have worked very quickly, and would have had to have had a good plan for their escape. I site this as further evidence that the goblins had someone working with them, possibly directing them.

We have heard that several goblin tribes have been acting in unison on raids of late. This is most curious, as no goblin king or chief has been able to unite the chaotic lot in the past, recent events point to outside involvement. Adding to that, a goblin interrogated after the raid spoke of “another longshanks,” or tall fellow.

So we come to it then, my thoughts on what is behind the strange events of late. I cite the letter Valeros and I found in Amieko’s chambers as evidence that her father has a hand in the mystery, and he could be either directing the creatures, or more likely simply giving aid to another shadow player in this game. As I write this, I am making plans to see the Mayor this noon-day, and ask that we have a writ to search the glass works, not only for fair Amieko, but also any evidence that her father is giving aid to the goblins. In my mind I can almost picture a secret tunnel below the works, the very same I surmise the goblins used to sneak in and out of the town. As it is, I shall never get any rest until this ordeal is over, and Im sure Valeros will have no objections to me waking him for the purpose of rescuing Amieko.

Sundamar's Journal 5
Oathday, Rova 5, 4707

We woke in the later afternoon. I traded in my longbow for a shortbow. We then went to the Hagfish for a bite to eat. Valeros decided to drink the aquarium water. Valeros couldnt take it and threw back it up. We played some darts and I ended up losing 10gps when it was all over. I bought the house a round and we moved on.

We went to check out the glassworks and what was around it. We saw Amieko go in at midnight, but never came out. We went to bed the next day.

Sundamar's Juornal 4
Wealday, Rova 4, 4707

In the morning I left for the general store. Valros went to pick up his Destana. I bought artisan tools to fix my bow. We met back at the tailors shop. I picked up my mended armor. Then we went to get our horses so we could ride out to find the goblins.

As we were leaving to get the horses a woman ran up to us asking if we could help her son Arron who saw a goblin light a cat on fire. Arron thinks a goblin lives in his house now. So we asked what we may do to help her. She showed us her son Arron who had been attacked by something. She thinks there may be a goblin hiding in a secret passage in the closet. We went to the house to investigate. We pulled our weapons out and looked for Alergast. When we went to the boys room we found him laying before the closet. Valeros pulled him back from the closet and we found that he was dead. He had been attacked by something. Just then a goblin popped out and attacked us. Valeros dropped the filthy creature. We searched his body and found nothing on him but his crude knife. We went over and checked the closet. I found a pouch with 10 gps in it. The lady came back to find her dead husband, and soon the sheriff showed up.

When we left the mayor flagged us down. She was with a young elven woman with blonde hair named Shalelu Andosana. She had news of goblin activity. She was calling a meeting at the town hall so we went to that. In the office the group of us gathered. I was introduced to Shalelu who was an unofficial guardwoman for the town. We were informed in the increase in goblin raids along the coastal roads between Nittlewood and Mosswood in the dale. A farm south of Mosswood was burned down by some goblins. It seems Shalelu has been fighting goblins around the countryside for a few years. She said there are 5 tribes in the region and she believes they may have joined forces. She believes that they have something big in mind. Sheriff Hemlock announced that he would be leaving to find some soldiers in Magnimar to help defend the town. He asked us to stick around the town to help protect the town while he was gone. We agreed to help where we could. The meeting ended and we went to dinner with Shalelu at the Rusty Dragon where she told us some lore about the local Goblins.

She told us about the local goblin tribes. We decided to turn in early so that we could patrol the town at night.

That night…

We woke before midnight as the rest of the town was turning in. I gave Valeros my sunrod I had remaining. We moved out to the outskirts of town and began searching for any signs of goblins. We started on the north side of town, near the coast, and worked our way around clockwise.

We killed two goblins at the trash piles near the old light. When we got back in the morning we found that Amieko has not around. An old woman told us that she didnt answer her door so she went in and found Amieko gone. She found a note from her older brother Tsuto. The note was written in an alien tongue. She had translated it for us on the back.

It said something about a problem with their father. He had some dealing with the goblins it seams. It told of a secret meeting at the glassworks and a secret knock.

I asked the maid if she would let me keep the note and she agreed. It seems that Tsudo is a half elf, which caused a bit of a scandle. The real father is unknkown. Amieko and Tsudo had some fight some years ago. Amieko left for a while, and came back when the mother fell off a cliff. Some believed that the father pushed her off. At the funeral the father and Tsudo fought. Tsudo supposedly left town and Tsudo had been gone ever since.

We agreed to check the glassworks later that night to see if the meeting was going to take place then. We went to bed.

Sundamar's Journal 3
Toilday, Rova 3, 4707

When morning came I felt much better. Valeros and I decided to go speak with the mayor, Kendra. We asked around and found the town hall in the center of town. We went up to her office and waited for her. The mayor, the sheriff, and the priest all came out of the meeting together. We offered our services to the town, and they told us what they knew of the raid on the past Sunday. The sheriff interigated two goblins for information, but had little to offer us besides the leader was “one of you longshanks.” They were on some secret mission to the towns graveyard – for what he didnt know. Father Zantis mentions that Naffer Vosk, the grounds keeper, discovered the theft of Ezakien Tobyn’s remains, stolen from his very grave! I asked why someone would want that body. They told me that the body was that of the priest that died in the fire during the late unpleasantness five years ago. I asked the sheriff about the late unpleasantness. He told me of an artisan who they believed to be a killer. He was killed during the capture. One month later the church burned, but no one knew how the fire started which kill Ezakien Tobyn and Nualia Tobyn, his daughter. Zantis offered that Tobyn held no special powers so the reason behind the theft was a complete mystery. They asked us to keep this matter to ourselves. We took our leave of them.

So we asked around town to see if there was a library. The book store was called the corious goblin. I picked up a pamphlet for the play. We didnt find any books we wanted so we went to the theatre to buy tickets for the show. The theatre was very nice. Tickets were 5 gps, so we each bought one. So we went to the feathered serpent next to see the objects there. The old wizard there had a statue of a lighthouse that was very interesting. It looked like it may have been a model of the great lighthouse. He told us that we should seek out Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turan Dorok Accadamy. We took our leave of him and went to find Ilsoari. Valeros was approached by a young lady. He left with her to help her with a “rat problem.” We agreed to meet up later.

I found Ilsoari and he showed me his collection of artifacts. He seemed to have a fine collection of exotic weapons, treasures and trophies. I asked him if he happened to have a map of where the thistle top goblins lair up. He happened to have one, and I excitedly reviewed it. It seemed that 5 miles north east, along the coast, was the location of the goblins. It was near the thistlewood river in the Nettlewood forest. I offered to tell him of the area should I go to fight the goblins there.

Valeros and I met at the church. We viewed the grave and searched about it. We found a broken dogslicer. Nothing else at the grave seemed out of the ordinary besides the broken coffin. We left the graveyard.

As we went to go pay for stabling Valeros was aproached by the sheriff about some attempted assault on one of the locals. Im not sure what all that was about but Valeros went with him and I went to the stables to pay for our stabling. I then went to the tailors to get some gloves and a hat. The tailor was a half elf named Rynshinn Povalli. I bought some gloves and a cowboy hat. I left my armor with her to be mended.

I went to the playhouse and met with Valeros. We watched the great play. Afterwards we went back to our inn and talked to Ameiko. We found our rooms and rested for the evening.

Sundamar's Journal: day 2
Moonday, Rova 2, 4707

Amiko handed us some notes in the morning from some of the local women thanking us for our bravery. We headed directly to Savah’s Armory to sell some of the equipment we looted from the goblins so that we might have a few coins to upgrade our own equipment. We ordered a set of destana from Magnamar since they only had one set. The store clerk seemed to be in a bad mood so we moved on.

We then went to Quink’s house, and along the way Valeros waved to his new found fans around town. Quink’s house sat at the end of tower street directly across from the ruined lighthouse we were interested in. An old bald man with pale skin opened the door.

We inquired about the ruins, and he confirmed that he knew much of them. He told us of his studies with dwarven engineers and work in the libraries of Magnamar. His theory was that the light was used during the Bakrakhan and Shalast war. He thought it might have been a weapon that shot fire for over a mile. We thanked him for his words and moved on.

We asked around about the goblin attack and found out that the Thistletop Goblins probably were responsible for the attack. They are located somewhere around the Nettlewood Coast. We were unable to find what the goblins were after besides food.

Unable to find the information we wanted, we continued on to the Rusty Dragon to meet with Foxglove. The girls of the town seemed to have heard of Valeros’s bravery. We asked the front desk about Foxglove and were told he was in room 4. Foxglove came to the door. He happily greeted us. He asked us if we could go with him to a boar hunt. We asked him about this hunt and he said we were going to kill one to cook for the evenings dinner. So we agreed to go with him and he lent us each a bow. He said he was a noble from Magnimar offhandedly and we went to the stables. He bought us each a horse for helping him against the goblins. We each bought saddles and bridles. The stable owners name was Daviren Hosk. He asked if we were going goblin hunting and showed us a collection of ears he had hacked off the creatures. We asked him about stabling and he told us his business hours, 8-12.

I named my new horse Elaina. She was brown with a light brown mane. Some hirelings came to help Foxglove, and we all headed out of town, across the tanners bridge, heading east along the southern banks of the Turandarok River. Tickwood ford was about 2 miles away making for a short journey. The path crossed small foothills for half an hour. Along the way Valeros told the story of how he became such a great warrior. Foxglove seemed most interested in learning from Valeros’s martial training. Valeros offered to teach him some moves sometime. Foxglove said he was heading back to Magnimar soon. I asked him why he was in town and he said he was hear to adventure and see the sights.

We crossed the bridge into the Tickwood, and hushed our talking to look for the boar. I found some boar tracks so we fanned out to try and find the boar. We lashed the horses to a tree and followed the tracks through the wood for about a mile. Foxglove saw something and pointed it out to us. We pulled our bows and diverged on the area. We tried to sneak up, but Foxglove tripped.

We could see the boar about 60 feet away. It was startled and attacked. I took a few hits in the battle, but we dropped the beast. Foxgloves and Valeros went to get the servants to haul the boar back. I stayed behind to watch the kill. Everyone came back with the horses so we went back to town.

The haul back to town took about 45 minutes, and Foxglove talked about how great Valeros was the whole way. We stabled the horses when we got back to town. They took the boar to the inn so it could begin cooking. Foxgloves bought us our wine, and we told Amieko about the boar hunt. Foxglove had no knowledge of local ruins. He wasnt very interested in history. So, we ate our grand meal and felt satisfied afterward.

We rented rooms for the night. Our story wasnt that exciting so we had to pay a gold for our rooms. I had some wounds so we left for the temple. When we arived at the temple two guards stood watch at the door. There seemed to be a private ceremony to dedicate the temple inside with the sheriff and mayor. They would not grant us entrance, but directed us to Hannah, the healer.

Hannah’s home was near the inn on hook street. We headed that way directly. Hannah came to the door when we knocked. She was a middle aged woman, not altogether unattractive. She took us in to tend to my wounds. She bound my wounds so that I might heal. She was good at her trade and I felt much better. I donated 5 gold to restock her healing supplies.

We returned to the inn and received yet more fan mail, again Valeros had many more addressed to him. We turned in for the night, and I was happy to happy the comfort of my room.

Sundamar's Journal
Sunday, Rova 1, 4707

First day of fall.

Having just recently arrived in Sandpoint, I wanted to take in some of the local flavor so I went to the Swallowtail Festival. At the new church dedication sheriff Hemlock and the mayor spoke.

Then the theatre keeper talked about the 4 donor families (Baldamirs, Scarnettis, Kaijitsus, Deverins) and the play “the harpies curse.” Then Father Zantis spoke. The crowd seemed happy about some Deva from Magnamar that was going to be in the play. After the speach the festival began.

I was here, in Sandpoint to see the lighthouse, but that could wait as I also wanted to attend the festival.

I met a man named Valeros and we looked at the ancient tower together, then the cleric took the stage at the festival and told the story of Desna. Then he let loose thousands of blind children… I mean butterflies.

Then FREE LUNCH was on the local taverns! I ate at the Fatman’s Feedbag stand.

Then we inquired about finding a map of the city. So we went to the church, again, to get a map. Then we looked around the area to get familiar with the area. Then we found a gaming area at the Hagfish stand. I challenged Johny 2 Timer to a game of darts but he wouldnt play for less than 25gps. Then a dog bumped me. so Valeros grabbed him. Then some dude got mad and said we had his dog, and a peg leg guy got involved. So we let him go. Das Korvut was the big guys name, owner of Red Dog’s Smithy. Quin was the peg-legs name. He challenged Valerosto a drinking challenge at the Hag fish tomorrow, drinking something called aquarium water. So we kept wandering around.

We met a pretty lady at the Rusty Dragon stand. Amiko Kaijitsu was her name, related to the Kaijistu’s who donated to the rebuiling of the church. She said she would give us a discount on a room if we had a good adventure story for her.

In the evening Father Zantis got up to speak and then women started screaming. Some little creatures started running throw the streets singing a crazy song. They were filthy little goblins. Just then a butterfly fly into my and I was blinded momentarily.

I could hear the dogs and people screaming as the goblins ran into the town slicing away indiscriminately.

Valeros stabbed one of the creatures in the neck and dropped it, so Im told. I was blind at the time. Then I heard another go down. I finally go the butterfly out of my eye. I jumped behind one of the stands and drew my bow. A goblin jumped up on the table and swung at me. He sliced my arm with a wicked little dagger fashioned from what looked like scrap metal. Valeros came up behind the creature and cut the little creature in half. The smell of goblin entrails was almost enough to make my free lunch return.

The festival had broken out into chaos. Just then a huge plume of fire explodes to the south of us. We ran in that direction to investigate. We found a cart on fire with several goblins around it. One goblin was on fire and another was there, much larger than the rest with a whip. I notched an arrow in my bow as Valros and I readied our attack. While Valeros attacked another goblin I ran around to attack the big one. Wouldnt you know it, my bow string broke. Thats what you get for buying a bow in Riddleport. There are nothing but thieves and con men there.

Anyway, the goblins began to attack us with torches. Valeros is fine warrior, and fell many of the goblins.

It looked as if the lead goblin was a bard of some sort as he tried to cast some unknown spell to no avail. I picked up a fallen goblins blade and threw it at the lead goblin, but again I had no luck. The goblin cast another spell, but again it failed. Valeros then felt a blade slide into his back as one of the creatures had snuck up behind him. Valeros charged the head goblin and cut him down with a single stroke. The other goblins were routed by the amazing combat skills of my new found friend.

When we could see Father Zantis we ran to him. He asked us if we were injured. With many thanks he healed our wounds for our help driving back the attack. Just then we heard a new chorus of screams and barking from the north. We ran back to the temple square and found a goblin atop a huge rat. Its smell rivaled that of the goblin entrails. The goblin struck down one of the many stray dogs in the town with some halberd like weapon.

Valeros handed me his short sword as we flew into combat with even more goblins. I finally managed to land a blow on one of the goblins. One of the goblins climbed atop a barrel and scratched me across the tit. Valeros split another open. I sliced at one and struck a light blow. Valeros ran up and attacked the goblin riding the rat thing. The goblin slumped over, but the rat attacked back. As the goblin attacked me again I parried away his flimsy little weapon, breaking it with the loaned blade I wielded. As Valeros slayed the rat I waved away the goblin, giving him a chance to live. I could never kill a defenseless creature.

A man named Aldern Foxglove thanked us for saving him and suggested we should meet him at his Inn, the Rusty Dragon.

Soon afterward the town guards seemed to be able to drive the rest of the monsters away from the town. We looted through the goblins remains finding a potions, a few gold, some junk, and some weapons. We helped the townsfolk clean up some the mess, and then headed toward the equipment dealer, but it was closed so we went to the Dragon for a room.

When we arrived at the inn not many were around. I bid goodevening to Amika and told her of my friends good deads helping to defend against the goblin attack. Valeros turned out to be some story teller, and Amiko gave us a free room in thanks. When we asked Amiko about the ruins of the light house she told us to ask Brodert Quink on tower street. We thanked her you for her kindness and turned in for the night.

Sundamar's Backstory
The story of the elven rogue

Sundamar was born on Erastus 1st in the year 4558, before the settlement of Magnimar. Sundamar grew up in the Meiraini Forest and left home on his 100th birthday, which happens to fall on the summer solstice, to explore the world. After traveling along the Lost Coast of Varisia he eventually settled in the Human city of Riddleport. Living among the lesser races has made him one of the Forlorn, those who outlive their friends.

Among the many mysteries in Riddleport Sundamar found the great Cyphergate the most curious, and after studying it for many years, and its Thassilonian runes, he has decided to move on to examine more of Golarians wonders such as the ruined lighthouse in the city of Sandpoint.

Sundamar left Riddleport in 4707 to find the town of Sandpoint.


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