Gnome Druid, female


HP 17 AC 14

STR 7 -2 DEX 11 0 CON 12 +1 INT 17 +3 WIS 15 +2 CHA 15 +2

WEAPONS: Sling: range 50’ Attack bonus 1, damage 1d3, critical x2 Dagger: Attack bonus -1, damage 1d3-2, critical 19-20×2

Hide armor (+3)

Items gained while adventuring: Silver dagger, magic scroll, floating scroll, twisted iron wand-forked.


Fijit is a Gnome adventurer, Druid class, who travels in the company of Owl, her animal companion. She was born just south of Falcon’s Hollow in Andoran’s Darkmoon Vale, leaving her family just before her 35th year, taking to the road against their wishes. She is now 50 and has yet to return to her home.

In the early years of her wandering she was befriended by an Elf Rogue Ranger called Sundamar Nolbrae. They traveled together for a short while, performing an heroic act or two before parting ways. Fijit recently emerged from the western edges of the Sanos Forest with her sight set on the harbor town of Sandpoint, being drawn there like a moth to the flame. She followed her instincts and was rewarded by discovering a new adventure and an old friend.


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