Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Backstory

The story of the elven rogue

Sundamar was born on Erastus 1st in the year 4558, before the settlement of Magnimar. Sundamar grew up in the Meiraini Forest and left home on his 100th birthday, which happens to fall on the summer solstice, to explore the world. After traveling along the Lost Coast of Varisia he eventually settled in the Human city of Riddleport. Living among the lesser races has made him one of the Forlorn, those who outlive their friends.

Among the many mysteries in Riddleport Sundamar found the great Cyphergate the most curious, and after studying it for many years, and its Thassilonian runes, he has decided to move on to examine more of Golarians wonders such as the ruined lighthouse in the city of Sandpoint.

Sundamar left Riddleport in 4707 to find the town of Sandpoint.



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