Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Journal: day 2

Moonday, Rova 2, 4707

Amiko handed us some notes in the morning from some of the local women thanking us for our bravery. We headed directly to Savah’s Armory to sell some of the equipment we looted from the goblins so that we might have a few coins to upgrade our own equipment. We ordered a set of destana from Magnamar since they only had one set. The store clerk seemed to be in a bad mood so we moved on.

We then went to Quink’s house, and along the way Valeros waved to his new found fans around town. Quink’s house sat at the end of tower street directly across from the ruined lighthouse we were interested in. An old bald man with pale skin opened the door.

We inquired about the ruins, and he confirmed that he knew much of them. He told us of his studies with dwarven engineers and work in the libraries of Magnamar. His theory was that the light was used during the Bakrakhan and Shalast war. He thought it might have been a weapon that shot fire for over a mile. We thanked him for his words and moved on.

We asked around about the goblin attack and found out that the Thistletop Goblins probably were responsible for the attack. They are located somewhere around the Nettlewood Coast. We were unable to find what the goblins were after besides food.

Unable to find the information we wanted, we continued on to the Rusty Dragon to meet with Foxglove. The girls of the town seemed to have heard of Valeros’s bravery. We asked the front desk about Foxglove and were told he was in room 4. Foxglove came to the door. He happily greeted us. He asked us if we could go with him to a boar hunt. We asked him about this hunt and he said we were going to kill one to cook for the evenings dinner. So we agreed to go with him and he lent us each a bow. He said he was a noble from Magnimar offhandedly and we went to the stables. He bought us each a horse for helping him against the goblins. We each bought saddles and bridles. The stable owners name was Daviren Hosk. He asked if we were going goblin hunting and showed us a collection of ears he had hacked off the creatures. We asked him about stabling and he told us his business hours, 8-12.

I named my new horse Elaina. She was brown with a light brown mane. Some hirelings came to help Foxglove, and we all headed out of town, across the tanners bridge, heading east along the southern banks of the Turandarok River. Tickwood ford was about 2 miles away making for a short journey. The path crossed small foothills for half an hour. Along the way Valeros told the story of how he became such a great warrior. Foxglove seemed most interested in learning from Valeros’s martial training. Valeros offered to teach him some moves sometime. Foxglove said he was heading back to Magnimar soon. I asked him why he was in town and he said he was hear to adventure and see the sights.

We crossed the bridge into the Tickwood, and hushed our talking to look for the boar. I found some boar tracks so we fanned out to try and find the boar. We lashed the horses to a tree and followed the tracks through the wood for about a mile. Foxglove saw something and pointed it out to us. We pulled our bows and diverged on the area. We tried to sneak up, but Foxglove tripped.

We could see the boar about 60 feet away. It was startled and attacked. I took a few hits in the battle, but we dropped the beast. Foxgloves and Valeros went to get the servants to haul the boar back. I stayed behind to watch the kill. Everyone came back with the horses so we went back to town.

The haul back to town took about 45 minutes, and Foxglove talked about how great Valeros was the whole way. We stabled the horses when we got back to town. They took the boar to the inn so it could begin cooking. Foxgloves bought us our wine, and we told Amieko about the boar hunt. Foxglove had no knowledge of local ruins. He wasnt very interested in history. So, we ate our grand meal and felt satisfied afterward.

We rented rooms for the night. Our story wasnt that exciting so we had to pay a gold for our rooms. I had some wounds so we left for the temple. When we arived at the temple two guards stood watch at the door. There seemed to be a private ceremony to dedicate the temple inside with the sheriff and mayor. They would not grant us entrance, but directed us to Hannah, the healer.

Hannah’s home was near the inn on hook street. We headed that way directly. Hannah came to the door when we knocked. She was a middle aged woman, not altogether unattractive. She took us in to tend to my wounds. She bound my wounds so that I might heal. She was good at her trade and I felt much better. I donated 5 gold to restock her healing supplies.

We returned to the inn and received yet more fan mail, again Valeros had many more addressed to him. We turned in for the night, and I was happy to happy the comfort of my room.



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