Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Journal 7

Starday, Rova 7, 4707

We woke at midnight and began exploring again. We found an odd room with some floating objects, and when I entered I also began to float by the same magic that suspended the other objects. I was able to gather the objects and leave the strange room. I took an old book, Valeros took a bottle of elven wine for one of his lady friends, and Fijit took a scroll and an iron wand.

We continued our search and found a beast which seemed a flying head with green glowing eyes. I surprised the thing with a well placed shot and dropped it. We searched around the ruins some more, and found only one last hall to explore. The passage lead to a black marble shrine devoted to some unknown god with a font carved in its surface, and beyond it stood a stone door. When we crept through the stone door we found ourselves in a large room with a raised platform at one end. In the center of the chamber were several spikes tipped with skulls rising from a stagnant pool. The raised section held another pool which bubbled and gave off steam as if boiling, and the water within glowed with an otherworldly red light.

From out of the shadows appeared an impish creature wearing a small crown and holding a wicked little dagger. She flew up to the pool holding the glowing water and cut her hand with the dagger. The three off us ran toward the platform, sensing the creatures ill will, and as we approached her, the blood from her wound dripped into the pool. Valeros engaged the tiny demon, but she seemed protected by some sort of magic field. The creature fly about the room casting spells and summoning up creatures from the abyss. Fijit tried to counter with spells of her own, summoning a wolf to fight alongside Valeros.

I took position near fijit and aimed my bow. Again, the bow failed me, and I was nearly struck in the face by the wild broken string. The craftsmen of this town should be shamed. I drew my dagger and ran to the platform. I threw the dagger with all the skill I could muster, but I found that it was deflected away by the same magic that had confounded Valeros. I called out “run” to my companions, and we did. The group of creatures chased us to the outer area of the temple, and then shouted warnings at us as we headed back to the surface.

We headed back to our rooms at the Rusty Dragon in defeat, without Amieko. Fijit tended to our wounds and we rested.



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