Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Journal 6 Supplemental

Fireday, Rova 6, 4707

As Valeros and I left our room, I mat my old friend Fijit, a gnome druid I met a time back along my travels. I offered her the chance to go with us, as I knew she would be up for some adventure. She agreed, and we headed over to the mayors office.

The Mayor gave us our writ, and a script to pick up some lockpicks at the local blacksmith. We went directly to the glassworks, but the lock proved to advanced for my skill, and we had to have Valeros break the door down. Inside we found a massacre. The workers had been dismembered on the factory floor. We found Lonjiku, the father, covered in molten glass. After we explored around a bit we found some stair heading into the basement.

The basement had a hidden passage that lead to some tunnels, and I was right. There was a smugglers tunnel just like I imagined. It lead to the beach. Another tunnel lead to some sort of underground structure that contained some strange ghoul like creatures. As we explored the dungeon we found a jail room, a torture chamber, and a room with a twisted deformed goblin creature. The creature nearly dispatched us, but our new companion proved to be handy in a fight and we were able to once again claim victory. We also found some weapons and such among the remains of our slain foes. Among them, a fine longsword that Valeros claimed for himself, and a silver dagger that Fijit kept.

After the battle we needed a rest. Fijit’s owl had been badly wounded and the rest off also needed some healing so we camped in one of the rooms.



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