Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Juornal 4

Wealday, Rova 4, 4707

In the morning I left for the general store. Valros went to pick up his Destana. I bought artisan tools to fix my bow. We met back at the tailors shop. I picked up my mended armor. Then we went to get our horses so we could ride out to find the goblins.

As we were leaving to get the horses a woman ran up to us asking if we could help her son Arron who saw a goblin light a cat on fire. Arron thinks a goblin lives in his house now. So we asked what we may do to help her. She showed us her son Arron who had been attacked by something. She thinks there may be a goblin hiding in a secret passage in the closet. We went to the house to investigate. We pulled our weapons out and looked for Alergast. When we went to the boys room we found him laying before the closet. Valeros pulled him back from the closet and we found that he was dead. He had been attacked by something. Just then a goblin popped out and attacked us. Valeros dropped the filthy creature. We searched his body and found nothing on him but his crude knife. We went over and checked the closet. I found a pouch with 10 gps in it. The lady came back to find her dead husband, and soon the sheriff showed up.

When we left the mayor flagged us down. She was with a young elven woman with blonde hair named Shalelu Andosana. She had news of goblin activity. She was calling a meeting at the town hall so we went to that. In the office the group of us gathered. I was introduced to Shalelu who was an unofficial guardwoman for the town. We were informed in the increase in goblin raids along the coastal roads between Nittlewood and Mosswood in the dale. A farm south of Mosswood was burned down by some goblins. It seems Shalelu has been fighting goblins around the countryside for a few years. She said there are 5 tribes in the region and she believes they may have joined forces. She believes that they have something big in mind. Sheriff Hemlock announced that he would be leaving to find some soldiers in Magnimar to help defend the town. He asked us to stick around the town to help protect the town while he was gone. We agreed to help where we could. The meeting ended and we went to dinner with Shalelu at the Rusty Dragon where she told us some lore about the local Goblins.

She told us about the local goblin tribes. We decided to turn in early so that we could patrol the town at night.

That night…

We woke before midnight as the rest of the town was turning in. I gave Valeros my sunrod I had remaining. We moved out to the outskirts of town and began searching for any signs of goblins. We started on the north side of town, near the coast, and worked our way around clockwise.

We killed two goblins at the trash piles near the old light. When we got back in the morning we found that Amieko has not around. An old woman told us that she didnt answer her door so she went in and found Amieko gone. She found a note from her older brother Tsuto. The note was written in an alien tongue. She had translated it for us on the back.

It said something about a problem with their father. He had some dealing with the goblins it seams. It told of a secret meeting at the glassworks and a secret knock.

I asked the maid if she would let me keep the note and she agreed. It seems that Tsudo is a half elf, which caused a bit of a scandle. The real father is unknkown. Amieko and Tsudo had some fight some years ago. Amieko left for a while, and came back when the mother fell off a cliff. Some believed that the father pushed her off. At the funeral the father and Tsudo fought. Tsudo supposedly left town and Tsudo had been gone ever since.

We agreed to check the glassworks later that night to see if the meeting was going to take place then. We went to bed.



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