Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Journal 3

Toilday, Rova 3, 4707

When morning came I felt much better. Valeros and I decided to go speak with the mayor, Kendra. We asked around and found the town hall in the center of town. We went up to her office and waited for her. The mayor, the sheriff, and the priest all came out of the meeting together. We offered our services to the town, and they told us what they knew of the raid on the past Sunday. The sheriff interigated two goblins for information, but had little to offer us besides the leader was “one of you longshanks.” They were on some secret mission to the towns graveyard – for what he didnt know. Father Zantis mentions that Naffer Vosk, the grounds keeper, discovered the theft of Ezakien Tobyn’s remains, stolen from his very grave! I asked why someone would want that body. They told me that the body was that of the priest that died in the fire during the late unpleasantness five years ago. I asked the sheriff about the late unpleasantness. He told me of an artisan who they believed to be a killer. He was killed during the capture. One month later the church burned, but no one knew how the fire started which kill Ezakien Tobyn and Nualia Tobyn, his daughter. Zantis offered that Tobyn held no special powers so the reason behind the theft was a complete mystery. They asked us to keep this matter to ourselves. We took our leave of them.

So we asked around town to see if there was a library. The book store was called the corious goblin. I picked up a pamphlet for the play. We didnt find any books we wanted so we went to the theatre to buy tickets for the show. The theatre was very nice. Tickets were 5 gps, so we each bought one. So we went to the feathered serpent next to see the objects there. The old wizard there had a statue of a lighthouse that was very interesting. It looked like it may have been a model of the great lighthouse. He told us that we should seek out Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turan Dorok Accadamy. We took our leave of him and went to find Ilsoari. Valeros was approached by a young lady. He left with her to help her with a “rat problem.” We agreed to meet up later.

I found Ilsoari and he showed me his collection of artifacts. He seemed to have a fine collection of exotic weapons, treasures and trophies. I asked him if he happened to have a map of where the thistle top goblins lair up. He happened to have one, and I excitedly reviewed it. It seemed that 5 miles north east, along the coast, was the location of the goblins. It was near the thistlewood river in the Nettlewood forest. I offered to tell him of the area should I go to fight the goblins there.

Valeros and I met at the church. We viewed the grave and searched about it. We found a broken dogslicer. Nothing else at the grave seemed out of the ordinary besides the broken coffin. We left the graveyard.

As we went to go pay for stabling Valeros was aproached by the sheriff about some attempted assault on one of the locals. Im not sure what all that was about but Valeros went with him and I went to the stables to pay for our stabling. I then went to the tailors to get some gloves and a hat. The tailor was a half elf named Rynshinn Povalli. I bought some gloves and a cowboy hat. I left my armor with her to be mended.

I went to the playhouse and met with Valeros. We watched the great play. Afterwards we went back to our inn and talked to Ameiko. We found our rooms and rested for the evening.



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