Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Sundamar's Journal

Sunday, Rova 1, 4707

First day of fall.

Having just recently arrived in Sandpoint, I wanted to take in some of the local flavor so I went to the Swallowtail Festival. At the new church dedication sheriff Hemlock and the mayor spoke.

Then the theatre keeper talked about the 4 donor families (Baldamirs, Scarnettis, Kaijitsus, Deverins) and the play “the harpies curse.” Then Father Zantis spoke. The crowd seemed happy about some Deva from Magnamar that was going to be in the play. After the speach the festival began.

I was here, in Sandpoint to see the lighthouse, but that could wait as I also wanted to attend the festival.

I met a man named Valeros and we looked at the ancient tower together, then the cleric took the stage at the festival and told the story of Desna. Then he let loose thousands of blind children… I mean butterflies.

Then FREE LUNCH was on the local taverns! I ate at the Fatman’s Feedbag stand.

Then we inquired about finding a map of the city. So we went to the church, again, to get a map. Then we looked around the area to get familiar with the area. Then we found a gaming area at the Hagfish stand. I challenged Johny 2 Timer to a game of darts but he wouldnt play for less than 25gps. Then a dog bumped me. so Valeros grabbed him. Then some dude got mad and said we had his dog, and a peg leg guy got involved. So we let him go. Das Korvut was the big guys name, owner of Red Dog’s Smithy. Quin was the peg-legs name. He challenged Valerosto a drinking challenge at the Hag fish tomorrow, drinking something called aquarium water. So we kept wandering around.

We met a pretty lady at the Rusty Dragon stand. Amiko Kaijitsu was her name, related to the Kaijistu’s who donated to the rebuiling of the church. She said she would give us a discount on a room if we had a good adventure story for her.

In the evening Father Zantis got up to speak and then women started screaming. Some little creatures started running throw the streets singing a crazy song. They were filthy little goblins. Just then a butterfly fly into my and I was blinded momentarily.

I could hear the dogs and people screaming as the goblins ran into the town slicing away indiscriminately.

Valeros stabbed one of the creatures in the neck and dropped it, so Im told. I was blind at the time. Then I heard another go down. I finally go the butterfly out of my eye. I jumped behind one of the stands and drew my bow. A goblin jumped up on the table and swung at me. He sliced my arm with a wicked little dagger fashioned from what looked like scrap metal. Valeros came up behind the creature and cut the little creature in half. The smell of goblin entrails was almost enough to make my free lunch return.

The festival had broken out into chaos. Just then a huge plume of fire explodes to the south of us. We ran in that direction to investigate. We found a cart on fire with several goblins around it. One goblin was on fire and another was there, much larger than the rest with a whip. I notched an arrow in my bow as Valros and I readied our attack. While Valeros attacked another goblin I ran around to attack the big one. Wouldnt you know it, my bow string broke. Thats what you get for buying a bow in Riddleport. There are nothing but thieves and con men there.

Anyway, the goblins began to attack us with torches. Valeros is fine warrior, and fell many of the goblins.

It looked as if the lead goblin was a bard of some sort as he tried to cast some unknown spell to no avail. I picked up a fallen goblins blade and threw it at the lead goblin, but again I had no luck. The goblin cast another spell, but again it failed. Valeros then felt a blade slide into his back as one of the creatures had snuck up behind him. Valeros charged the head goblin and cut him down with a single stroke. The other goblins were routed by the amazing combat skills of my new found friend.

When we could see Father Zantis we ran to him. He asked us if we were injured. With many thanks he healed our wounds for our help driving back the attack. Just then we heard a new chorus of screams and barking from the north. We ran back to the temple square and found a goblin atop a huge rat. Its smell rivaled that of the goblin entrails. The goblin struck down one of the many stray dogs in the town with some halberd like weapon.

Valeros handed me his short sword as we flew into combat with even more goblins. I finally managed to land a blow on one of the goblins. One of the goblins climbed atop a barrel and scratched me across the tit. Valeros split another open. I sliced at one and struck a light blow. Valeros ran up and attacked the goblin riding the rat thing. The goblin slumped over, but the rat attacked back. As the goblin attacked me again I parried away his flimsy little weapon, breaking it with the loaned blade I wielded. As Valeros slayed the rat I waved away the goblin, giving him a chance to live. I could never kill a defenseless creature.

A man named Aldern Foxglove thanked us for saving him and suggested we should meet him at his Inn, the Rusty Dragon.

Soon afterward the town guards seemed to be able to drive the rest of the monsters away from the town. We looted through the goblins remains finding a potions, a few gold, some junk, and some weapons. We helped the townsfolk clean up some the mess, and then headed toward the equipment dealer, but it was closed so we went to the Dragon for a room.

When we arrived at the inn not many were around. I bid goodevening to Amika and told her of my friends good deads helping to defend against the goblin attack. Valeros turned out to be some story teller, and Amiko gave us a free room in thanks. When we asked Amiko about the ruins of the light house she told us to ask Brodert Quink on tower street. We thanked her you for her kindness and turned in for the night.



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