Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings:

Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of Sandpoint eagerly anticipate the Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the consecration of the town’s new cathedral. At the height of the ceremony, disaster strikes!

Festival and Fire:

Sunday, Rova 1, 4707

The Swallowtail Festival begins promptly, as scheduled, at 8:00am. The square before the church quickly becomes crowded as locals and travelers arrive, and several merchant tents featuring food, clothes, local crafts, and souvenirs are there to meet them.

The adventurers that have traveled to Sandpoint for different reasons, are as aware as the crowd about their role to play in the coming events. Sundamar Nolbrae mingles with the locals in hopes of finding clues to the Old Light; an ancient ruin of a light house that has drawn him to Sandpoint. Valeros on the other hand, shuffles through the crowd and lets his body language do the talking rather than his mouth. To him, Sandpoint is just another town that could use a hero in his quest to rid the world of evil, and of course, rescue all the damsels in distress.

Around ten, the central podium become occupied by a stern looking woman. She introduces herself as Mayor Kendra Deverin and gives a brief welcoming speech for the festival as the crowd draws its attention to the stand. Following her speech Sheriff Belor Hemlock addresses the crowd in somewhat of a dour mood, then Cyrdak Drokkus’ excitement pumps up the crowd, followed by Abstalar Zantus, who finished up the welcoming speeches. With the Swallowtail Festival having now ‘officially’ started, the crowd is as dense as ever.

Sundamar soon spots a man in what appears to be adventuring attire, he becomes curious and heads over for a conversation. This man just so happens to be the heroic Valeros, who has made his way to a merchant stand for some ale. Sundamar makes his way to the stand and offers to buy Valeros his drink, to which he gladly accepts. The adventurers swap a few words concering their business in Sandpoint, and of their travels. While swapping stories they make their way down Tower Street to ‘The Old Light’ as this is the prime reason that Sundamar has ventured to Sanpoint. After a quick examination of the ruins, they head back to the festival.

Before they even have chance to view a nearby merchant stand, Father Zantus and some of his acolytes wheel over a large covered wagon. Father Zantus takes the stand and gives a thorough speech concerning the life of the goddess Desna. He then steps down and pulls the cover off the wagon at the stroke of noon. This releases a beautiful sight of a thousand swallowtail butterflies, which represents a thousand children of Desna. Father Zantus takes the stand to finish his speech and chimes in that lunch will be on all of the local taverns.

Valeros and Sundamar quckly make their way to a nearby stand featuring the local tavern, ‘Fatman’s Feedbag’. The enormous man operating the stand has no time for chit-chat, with a business like attitude he hands Valeros (who can’t decide on what he wants) a steak and then waves the adventurers away after introducing himself as Gressel Tenniwar. Sundamar looks towards another stand featuring, ‘The Hagfish’, which is being run by a gregarious one-legged man. The stands features some gaming tables and a dart board which has drawn the adventurers interest. After realizing that his money bag is not rich enough for the current dart thorwer, (who is about to acquire a 4-round winning streak) Johnny “Two-Timer”, Sundamar heads for the food. A nice selection of seafood is presented at ‘The Hagfish’s’ stand, from which Sundamar selects a tasty plate of lobster. The adventurers soon move on after introducing themselves to the polite owner, Jargie Quinn, who challenged Valeros to some sort of drinking challenge.

Before the adventurers could continue their stroll around the festival they noticed a large red mastiff roaming free in the festival square. Sundamar made a poor attempt to grab the dog’s collar while Valeros mangaged the simple task quite well. Before they even had a chance to check the name enscribed on the collar, they were approached by a built, and fearsome looking man. He mentioned with a stern voice that the dog was his and that he often wanders free around the town. He demanded that Valeros release the dog. For some reason this task was to much to ask for Valeros, who thought that the dog should be on a leash, and he made a confrontation out of this small incident. Luckily Jargie Quinn noticed the mishap and stepper over to help sort the matter out before it turned into anything more. After the man left with his dogs, Jargie Quinn informed the adventurers that the man was Das Korvut, and that he owned ‘Red Dog Smithy’ named after his prized red mastiffs.

The adventurers mingled with some locals and viewed some more merchant stands for a few. ‘The Rusty Dragon’ stand was another quick stop for the adventurers. Here they met a pretty young girl named Amieko Kaijitsu who was operating the stand. Already being full from previous stands, the adventurers turned down the spicy and exotic food offered. However, they discovered that ‘The Rusty Dragon’ was also an inn, and that Amieko promised a free room or discount if told an adventuring story that she enjoyed.

Evening had now come and the sun was starting to set. Father Zantus took the central podium once more with a thunderstone in hand to summon the crowd’s attention.

“A sharp report, like the crack of distant thunder, slices through the excited crowd as the sun’s setting rays paint the western sky. A stray dog that has crawled under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and the buzz of two dozen conversations quickly hushes as all heads turn towards the central podium, where a beaming Father Zantus has taken the stage. He clears his throat, takes a breath to speak, and suddenly a woman’s scream slices through the air. A few moments later, another scream rises, then another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises—high-pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human. The crowd parts and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as the stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses with a gurgle, its throat cut open from ear to ear. As blood pools around its head, the raucous sound of a strange song begins, chanted from shrill, scratchy voices.”

“Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!

Goblins race and goblins jump.
Goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be goblins! You be food!”

The crowd erupted in chaos and three goblins decided that the adventurers standing before them would make a nice meal. Sundamar knew nothing of this, as a swallowtail butterfly had flown right into his eye and temporarily blinded him. While he was valiantly fighting the butterfly, the goblins began their attack. With his new found friend in trouble, Valeros fought with no fear, he quickly dispatched a goblin; while the goblins were busy grabbing food and only half paying attention to the fight, Valeros took the head off another. With Sundamar back in the fight, the lonely goblin stood no chance and was quickly vanquised by Valeros’ blade.

Before they could recover from the fight, a huge explosion and plume of fire erupted from the south. Sundamar and Valeros quickly raced South, and were even more quickly met by another group of goblins. A goblin warchanter and three goblin pyros maniacally attacked. The pyros gleefully attempted to burn the adventurers until Valeros put one of them down. The fight was on and they dropped the torches and drew their dogslicers. The warchanter kept chanting her chant to invigorate her lackeys, while making a poor attempt to trip Valeros. Sundamar finally dealt a lethal blow to a goblin with his sneak attack, which prompted the warchanter to cast multiple spells towards the adventurers that failed. Valeros and Sundamar were now able to flank the warchanter and put her down with ease, and then finished off the last goblin before he had a chance to run.

Valeros and Sundamar headed back North to the festival square where they met up with Father Zantus. He thanked them as they look around the square noticing that most of the fighting has died down now, and that the battle seems to be decided. After briefly examining their state and noticing their multiple injuries, Father Zantus muttered some words and reached out his hand, healing both Valeros and Sundamar. Before getting a chance to wander the square and deal with the few remaining goblins, a scream echoed from the north. The adventurers rushed towards the scream and as they round the corner they spot a dog being stabbed in the throat by a goblin commando mounted on a goblin dog. Three goblins came out from hiding with cheers as the dog died, and they closed in on a helpless man cowering behind a barrel.

The adventurers stormed into action, catching the goblins off guard. The lackeys moved to the front, protecting their leader, while he moved to the rear and drew his short bow. After one goblin was put down, Valeros gave chase to the goblin commando, dealing with him and his disgusting goblin dog, while Sundamar took care of the other two goblins. The goblin dog had such a fowl stink about him the Valeros broke out into a rash before killing it and his owner. Sundamar killed one of the goblins and the the other one broke his dogslicer; then seeing that his leader had fallen, he fled for his life.

The cowering man showed his face after the danger was gone. He thanked the adventurers profusely (especially Valeros) and introduced himself as aldern Foxglove, then asked Sundamar and Valeros to stop by ‘The Rusty Dragon’ when they get a chance and he would reward them.

After that brief introduction the adventurers headed back to the festival square to see if they could offer any more assistance to the town. Goblins were dead, captured, and running; the raid was over. Sundamar and Valeros helped clear the street of the few dead civilians, then searched the goblins for supplies and money.

After realizing that all the stores in town were closed, they headed over to ‘The Rusty Dragon’ to rent a room and get some sleep. When they arrived they saw Amieko at the desk and Valeros took her up on her offer. Retelling the events of the raid and how they helped save the town, his inspired story gifted them a free room for the night. The adventurers asked Amieko about the Old Light to which she referred them to Brodert Quink; they thanked her, headed to room 14, and proceeded to grab some shut eye.

Local Heroes:

Moonday, Rova 2, 4707

Valeros and Sundamar awake in room 14 at The Rusty Dragon. As they proceed towards the exit they are stopped by the attractive Amieko who is running the desk. She hands Sundamar a couple of letters, and then gives a stack to Valeros. The letters contain love messages written by various local girls of Sandpoint.

The adventurers headed to Savah’s Armory to sell some of their looted eqipment. When they arrived they met an older lady with a business like attitude, however, she offered them a 10% discount on all items bought today for their heoric stand last night against the goblins. Sundamar was dissapointed to here that Savah Bevaniky didn’t know of any place where he could get his bow fixed, but she offered a reasonable trade-in value if he were to buy another bow. He also bought a destana and then Valeros put in an order for one from Magnimar as the small town of Sandpoint did not have multiples in stock.

The next stop was at Brodert Quink’s house at the end of Tower Street next to the ruins of The Old Light. They inquired about the ruins, and the older man with pale skin confirmed that he knew of them. He told us of his studies with dwarven engineers and his work in the libraries of Magnimar. He mentioned that his theory was that The Old Light might have been a weapon that shot fire for over a mile, and that it was mainly used during the Bakrakhan and Shalast war. They thanked him for his words of wisdon and moved on.

Some locals proved useful when questioned about the goblin attack. One person suggested that the Thistletop Goblins are one of the bigger goblin tribes, and were probably involved in the attack. Another man informed the adventurers that the Thistletop Goblins are located somewhere around the Nettlewood Coast.

After they were through with their information gathering, Sundamar and Valeros headed back to The Rusty Dragon to find Aldern Foxglove. On their way back some local girls were spotted cheering and pointing at their new hero Valeros. Amieko again greeted them at the counter, and then pointed them toward room 4 where Aldern was staying. Aldern Foxglove opened the door immediately and with great excitement the moment the adventurers knocked on his door. He was ecstatic to see them and immediately prompted them to go on a boar hunt with him. He told them the boar was for tonight’s dinner at The Rusty Dragon as he handed Sundamar and Valeros longbows for borrow and packed his things.

The adventurers asked where he was from and what he did on their way to the Goblin Squash Stables, however, he quickly noted that he was a noble from Magnimar, and then changed the topic back to the adventurers. The reward he promised to Valeros and Sundamar was gifted to them at the stables. He bought each of them a horse, and then they bought bridals and saddles. Daviren Hosk, the owner of the stables, asked if they were by chance going goblin hunting. At the mention of a boar hunt he seemed dissapointed and then showed the adventures his collection of goblin ears that he had nailed to the rafters. He shared his great hatred for goblins to them before they headed out. He also answered that the stables are open from 8am-12am when questioned about the subject.

Sundamar named his horse Elaina and they headed out into the country-side for the hunt, and were accompanied by three of Foxglove’s servants. They headed across Tanners Bridge, heading east along the southern banks of the Turandarok River. Tickwood Ford was their destination about 2 miles away making for a short journey. Along the way Valeros told the story of how he became such a great warrior, and Foxglove seemed most interested in learning from his martial training; Valeros then offered to train him in the ways of combat sometime. When questioned about his stay in Sandpoint, Foxglove mentioned he was here for the festival and some adventure, then put the conversation back on Valeros.

They crossed the bridge into Tickwood, hushed their conversation, lashed their horses to a tree (except for Valeros), and then looked for tracks. Sundamar quickly found some tracks and followed them to a boar who was grazing in some bushes. They drew their bows and attempted to sneak up on the beast, however, Foxglove tripped over a fallen branch and shot off an arrow with ‘twang’. The boar seemed threatened and immediately charged and attacked. Sundamar took a good goring or two as he dropped the beast, while Valeros was messing with his horse, and Foxglove was letting his nerves get the best of him.

Sundamar guarded the boar while Valeros and Foxglove rode back to summon the servants. When the servants arrived to carry the boar, the adventurers grabbed their supplies and headed back towards Sandpoint. The 45 minute journey was made even longer by Foxglove’s constant praising of Valeros’ effort at the fight against the boar.

When they arrived at Sandpoint in the evening, they stabled their horses while the servants took the boar to The Rusty Dragon for Amieko and the chef to cook. After a couple hours the boar was finally done cooking, where the adventurers sat down for a late night meal. Valeros’ story telling of the boar hunt only granted them a 50% discount for their rooms that night as Amieko did not seem particularly interested in boars. After dinner Foxglove retired to him room for the night, but suggested that they should all go adventuring again before he left for Magnimar in a few days.

Sundamar needed to see to his gore wounds so they headed for the temple. When they approached the front doors, they spotted two guards standing in front of them. The guards informed them that a private ceremony was being held to consecrate the new church due to the goblin raid post-poning last night’s ceremony. Admission could not be granted so they pointed Sundamar and Valeros to Hannah’s for some healing.

Hannah’s was located on Hook Street near The Rusty Dragon, the adventurers knocked on the door and a middle-aged woman answered. She introduced herself as Hannah, and bidded them inside when she saw Sundamar’s wounds. She patched Sundamar up, although with a little trouble, as she informed them that she mostly deals with common sickness and not battle wounds, and that next time they should seek out Father Zantus for better treatment if he isn’t busy. Sundamar tipped her five gold pieces for her to restock her supplies and then headed back towards the inn with Valeros.

Ameiko handed them some more letters when they arrived (Valeros had a nice stack once again, while Sundamar’s pile was not so impressive) to which they opened and read more love notes. After that confidence boost the local heroes returned to their room for some much needed sleep.

Toilday, Rova 3, 4707

Valeros and Sundamar woke with intent to gather even more information, so they grabbed thier gear and found their way to the Sandpoint Town Hall. Once there they were directed to Mayor Deverin’s office where they waited for a few moments for her to finish her meeting. As the door swung open the adventurers were glad to see Sheriff Hemlock and Father Zantus exit with the mayor; as Valeros and Sundamar had some questions for the two of them as well. Mayor Deverin invited everyone back into her office for an important meeting.

Here the adventurers offered their services to the town of Sandpoint. After hearing this, the sheriff showed no hesitation as he chimed in with information. He noted that a couple of goblins were in fact captured during the raid. Unfortunately the only information they provided (besides that they were told to kill everyone) was that their leader was one of “you longshanks”, and that thier leader was on a secret mission to the town’s graveyard. Father Zantus then noted that Naffer Vosk; the groundskeeper of the Sandpoint Boneyard; discovered the theft of Ezakien Tobyn’s remains the morning after the raid. Sundamar then asked why someone would be after Ezakin Tobyn’s remains. Sheriff Hemlock remarked that the body was that of the local priest, whom died in the fire during the late unpleasantness five years ago. Sundamar kept digging for clues and asked about the late unpleasantness; to which he was told of a local artisan who they found out to be a killer. “Chopper” was eventually killed during his capture and his murdering spree was put to an end. One month later the church caught fire and burned to the ground, taking the lives of Ezakien and Nualia Tobyn. Father Zantus offered that Ezakien held no special powers when questioned by Sundamar, and that the reason behind the theft was a complete mystery. Out of questions and seemingly pleased with this new found information the local heroes took their leave, to which Sheriff Hemlock hinted at the delicacy of these matters.

The adventurers decided that a little more research couldn’t hurt and proceeded to The Curious Goblin, the local library. The only thing of interest that they found there was a young lady who went by the name of Sabyl Sorn. She seemed to have some information that could be of use to Valeros and Sundamar, but wasn’t willing to pass it along to strangers. Sundamar grapped a phamphlet for “The Harpy’s Curse” as they exited and headed for the Sandpoint Theater to grab some tickets for the post-poned show. Valeros and Sundamar suprisingly found out that the tickets were 5 gp each for basic seats. They picked up two as they glanced around in awe at the magnificent theater. Seats of luxory fitted every row, and glass doors barred the entrance to the massive building. After taking a moment to take in the theater Sundamar decided that it wouldn’t be a bad time to go clue gathering for The Old Light.

The adventurers found their way to The Feathered Serpent where Vorvashli Voon (an exotic looking fellow) greeted them. The cramped and cluttered shop smelled of a strange mixture of incense, spice, and dust. The only trinket that man carried in his part museum, part shop of relics was a small lighthouse. It had certain characteristics among it that could have made it a scaled down replica of The Old Light before it was destroyed. However, the trinket was not for sale, much to the dissapointment of Sundamar. Before the local heroes had a chance to move along, the old man suggested that they should seek out Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turandarok Academy.

On their way to the Turandarok Academy Valeros couldn’t help but notice the local ladies smiling, waving, and whistling at him. Before he could make a move though, he was bashfully approached by a beautiful young woman who stood out from the others. She introduced herself as Shayliss Vinder, and then rambled off a short story about how her father has been busy with her sister’s private life and not the rat problem at the General Store. She then nervously asked if Valeros could just take a few minutes to deal with the problem. More than happy to aid a beautiful young woman he agreed, and then informed Sundamar that they would meet up later at the church.

When they arrived at the General Store Shayliss led Valeros down to the basement as she informed him that this was where the rats were. Valeros began looking for rats as Shayliss headed over to a coveniently laid out cot, where she called for Valeros. As he came to her side she slip[ed into his embrace and started to unbotton her bodice. The romance came to an abrubt halt as they both failed to hear the footsteps of Shayliss’ father (Ven Vinder) coming down the stairs. An argument quickly broke out between Valeros and Ven, as Ven went into a fit of rage. Valeros tried to explain the situation but seemed to be at a loss for words. Ven started to approach Valeros who; caught up in the moment; threw a weak warning punch at the burly man. Ven then grabbed his daughter’s arm and fled the scene. Valeros calmy and cooly collected himself and made his way to the Sandpoint Cathedral.

During Valeros’ adventure to the General Store, Sundamar sought out Ilsoari Gandethus at the Turandarok Academy. The older gentleman agrees to show off his collection to Sundamar and accompanies to a locked door in the basement. Inside there is a large room that contains a small living’s quarters, that is surrounded by a large collection of exotic weapons, strange maps, and monster trophies. Ilsoari informs Sundamar that he is a retired adventurer and would be glad to help in any way that he could. Sundamar asks about The Old Light to which Ilsoari claims to know nothing on the subject which dashes Sundamar’s hopes. Unhappy about another dead end Sundamar turns to leave, to which Ilsoari thanks him for his aid against the goblins on Sunday. This sparks a thought for Sundamar and asks Ilsoari if he knows anything about the Thistletop Goblins. Ilsoari starts digging through his collection of maps and claims that he has an approximate map of Thistletop; the supposed lair of the notorious goblins. Sundamar excitedly reviewed the map and discovered that Thistletop seemed to be located 5 miles Northeast along the coast of the Varisian Bay. The approximate location showed that it was near the Thistle River in the Nettlewood Forest. Sundamar offered to provide Ilsoari a more descriptive map should he explore the region. With high spirits, Sundamar thanked Ilsoari and made way for the Sandpoint Cathedral.

Sundamar arrived at the church before Valeros, yet he went ahead and proceeded around back to the Sandpoint Boneyard for some detective work. He found a locked iron gate blocking his path and called out to the groundskeeper for aid. Naffer Vosk refused to let him in until Sundamar mentioned that the sheriff, mayor, and priest had already informed him of the missing remains. By this time Valeros had caught up with Sundamar and the two of them proceeded to the robbed grave site as Naffer Vosk unlocked the gate. They thoroughly searched the grave and found that the coffin lid was smashed and torn apart, and the only piece of evidence found was a broken dogslicer. With the suspicion of goblins on their minds, Valeros and Sundamar exited the cemetary.

At the front of the church they were approached by Sheriff Hemlock and two of his guards. Sheriff Hemlock informed the adventurers that he was hear on the account of Valeros’ attempted assault against Ven Vinder and that he needed Valeros to answer a few questions at the Sandpoint Garrison. The party of two didn’t see the problem of ‘attempted assualt’, but the sheriff insisted. Splitting up for the second time today, the adventurers agreed to meet up at the Sandpoint Theater for the play.

Once Valeros had arrived at the Sandpoint Garrison he was confronted by an angry Ven Vinder. Here, the sheriff informed the two that he simply wanted to hear both sides of the story and to try to get an idea of what happened. Ven fired off an exaggerated story immediately, afterwards Valeros kept his wits together and gave his side. Ven accused Valeros of lying and went into a fit of rage to which the town guards accompanied him out of the building. Sheriff Hemlock informed Valeros that he wasn’t in any trouble as no laws were even close to broken. He simply reminded Valeros that as him and Sundamar are becoming local heroes, there doesn’t need to be any accusations or rumors going around about them among the locals. With this noted, the sheriff excuses Valeros, to which he takes his leave and heads for the Sandpoint Theater.

During that same time, Sundamar had made his way to Vernah’s Fine Clothing. Rynshinn Povalli; the half elf owner; fitted Sundamar for his needs, which were a fine hat and gloves. He also left his armor with Ryshinn so that she could mend it up for him by noon tomorrow. However, Sundamar still couldn’t find anyone that could fix up his broken longbow. He then exited with a reminder to return tomorrow for his armor.

Sundamar made his way to the Goblin Squash Stables to make a brief vist to pay for the stabling of his and Valeros’ horses. Afterwards, he headed to the Sandpoint Theater to meet up with Valeros and view “The Harpy’s Curse”; the much anticipated event of the evening.

At the Sandpoint Theater the adventurers took thier seats and realized how lucky they were to grab a pair of tickets so late, as all of the seats and private booths seemed to be occupied by the young, elderly, and all ages inbetween. The play was phenomenal, the lighting, props, set, and cast were all amazing. As the play came to an end, the audience took to thier feet and gave a lenghty round of applause. The experience was certainly one to be remembered by the adventurers.

After the play, the adventurers slumberly made their way back to The Rusty Dragon. With no story for Ameiko, they payed 2 gp for their night’s stay, and then made their way to room 14 and engaged themselves in a deep slumber.

Wealday, Rova 4, 4707

Oathday, Rova 5, 4707

The adventurers woke in the later afternoon and figured that Sundamar’s armor should be ready by now, so they headed for Savah’s Armory. Once there, Sundamar decided that since nobody seemed to be able to fix his longbow, he should just trade it in for a shortbow, and that’s what he did. He then strapped on his nicely mended leather armor and thanked Savah Bevaniky. Him and Valeros then made their way to The Hagfish for a bite to eat.

Once at The Hagfish the adventurers seemed to have a festive mood upon them. Valeros accepted Jargie Quinn’s challenge to drink the aquarium water. Jargie Quinn informed him that it was 1 sp to try, and that if he can stomach the stuff, he gets to keep however many coins were in the ‘challenge bag’ that hung next to the fish tank. He also noted that in the ten year history of The Hagfish, only 28 people have won the challenge; as he pointed to a bunch of names carved into a beam above the tank. With this noted, Valeros grabbed the mug, downed it, smiled, and then a few seconds later, threw it all up. While that challenge was going on, Sundamar was in the mood for some games. Although he passed up checkers, he didn’t hesitate to try his hand at darts. He played a total of four games. The first two were against some drunks who he easily beat, and the third was against a man who seemed to know what was doing. Sundamar lost the third match, yet asked for a rematch, the man proposed a one dart throw off for 15 gp and a round of drinks for everyone to which Sundamar accepted. The gentleman’s throw was true and Sundamar failed to find the mark, losing by less than an inch. He bought the customers a round of drinks and ended up losing about 10 gp for a good time at the end of the day.

They headed over to the Sandpoint Glassworks to scope the place out before midnight. They found a single story building that provided a good view to the delivery entrance. Sundamar and Valeros climbed to the roof and went on the lookout.

Around midnight they saw Ameiko approach the doors at the delivery entrance doors, she knocked twice, then three times, and then once more. The doors quickly opened yet no one else could be seen and no words could be heard spoken as Ameiko headed inside. Once inside the doors closed as quickly as they were opened. After a few hours and still no signs of activity the adventurers clambered down from the roof to check things out. A quick walk around the place confirmed that all of the doors were still locked, and that the curtains were still drawn. Valeros and Sundamar perched themselves back up on the roof and waited until 8 am.

At 8 am there were still no signs of activity inside besides the seemingly dying sounds of the furnace. With no signs of Ameiko leaving either, the adventurers headed for The Rusty Dragon where they could gather their thoughts and their sleep.

Fireday, Rova 6, 4707

Starday, Rova 7, 4707

Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

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